I would like to welcome you to this website and I hope to show you how Alzheimer’s can be a blessing in disguise.

My mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s around 10 years ago, just after she turned 65. My whole philosophy over this time was to find the positive in every moment.  Although at times this has been very difficult, it has helped to make the last 10 years an amazing journey of love.

I call Alzheimer’s a blessing because I believe that the alternative could have been that my mother died the day she was diagnosed.  At least with Alzheimer’s you get time.  You get time to make more precious memories, to take lots of photos and to hold your loved one.  This is the blessing I refer to.

On this website I will let you know things I did to enjoy my time with my mum and how we learnt to love the person she is and not waste time pining for the person she was.  It really helped my family to make the most of every day with our beautiful mum.

My darling mum, Betty May Ryan, passed away 12th August this year. Mum was loved not only by her husband, her children and her grandchildren but also by all she met. My life has been amazing in so many ways because she was my mum.  I will miss her dearly.

My one hope is that by reading my story you will find the strength to look through the sadness and find joy, happiness and love.

I would like to say a huge thankyou to my Dad.  53 years ago he promised to love my Mum till death do they part.  He promised to look after her in sickness and in health and he promised my Nana to always look after her daughter.  Dad kept his promise and did it in the most loving way he could.

I spent many Saturdays sitting with Mum and Dad in the home and watching the love between them.  Even the fog of Alzheimer’s couldn’t stop their love.  I felt very lucky to be able to sit with them each time and watch them together.  I saw Dad dance with Mum, laugh with Mum, kiss Mum and hold her like they were newlyweds.  Thankyou Dad, you are one in a million.

Mum and Dad

I also want to invite people to tell their inspirational stories of love too.

If you would like your journey to appear on this website, you can either complete the contact form below, or simply send me a photo of you with your loved one and tell me about your positive journey directly to my email vickiwarner23@hotmail.com.

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